We work and live in Canada, a country we love and cherish heartedly. We take a great proud in what we do and what we have already accomplished, and yet we need to connect and interact more closely within our fellow Chinese-Canadian colleagues.

Our technical expertise and professional qualifications may have been recognized and certified, yet the knowledge base is expanding rapidly. It has been estimated that knowledge is doubling every 7 years. Even the most cutting-edge technology will quickly become obsolete. Do you want to continue to learn and keep yourself up to date?

Do you often feel being misunderstood in your workplace? Let’s discuss how to besuccessful in the workplace, being either in a multinational corporation or in a small business. Let’s share the skills and experiences on how to get ahead in careers and/or how to manage workplace conflicts.

We share the same cultural background. We are passionate professionals and work very hard. We need to stay together as a group in our profession! Let’s be proactive. Let’s strengthen our community by building a platform to share our expertise, experiences, and skills. Through this mechanism we can give back to our individual communities.

China has developed so much and grow so rapidly in the last 25~30 years. Do you want to have an opportunity interacting with our Chinese colleagues through professional exchange?